10 joys of being pregnant at Christmas

A few people have mentioned how pants it is to be pregnant during the festive break. Well, I am loving it and here’s a few reasons why:

  • As this is my first baby, I don’t have any other children running around my house so I can truly make the most of cuddling up on the sofa with the Christmas shows, taking naps and generally being rather self-indulgent – all guilt-free.
  • Speaking of naps, I can sleep, sleep, sleep! It’s not been much fun between heartburn and constant toilet breaks in the night but now I can catch up on sleep whenever I want over the festivites.
  • I have the perfect excuse to get out of all those Christmas events you never really want to go to. Office parties, family gatherings at your second cousin twice-removed’s flat and even your Aunties amdram panto – I can make the most of not attending this year.
  • No one is expecting me to clean up. Woo hoo! More sofa time.
  • Getting out of jobs in general is quite handy. “Oh I can’t possibly lick the envelopes for the Christmas cards dear. It’s making the baby / me feel sick. Plus you know I have terrible baby brain so would get all the names wrong.”
  • There is no judgement whatsoever in reaching for seconds (thirds) in fact, it is positively encouraged!
  • I am never cold. Everyone around me is starting to feel the chill and I have a permanent hot water bottle so nothing is getting me all Jack Frosty.
  • Everyone loves the designated driver. No nasty hangovers for me this year. I get to drive all the drunks around saving them a fortune on taxis and valuable drinking time and in return they treat me like their favourite person in the World – win win.
  • I get to do all my baby shopping in the January sales. I have lots left to buy and I am hoping the baby doesn’t come early because during the second and third week of January everything is always so cheap – hang on in there Snowie.
  • Last but not least – I get to really enjoy this Christmas with my man. I am so aware that this is our last Christmas just him and I so I want to make it super special with lots of time at home this year. Not rushing around to lots of peoples’ houses and spending all our time in the car. The only time we’ll leave the house this Christmas Day will be to see my little nieces all excited with their presents and a nice walk with Obi on our local beach – just the three of us for the last time.

Hope you have a great Christmas and here’s to a very adventurous 2016!


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