Back of the net Snowie!

On Monday, I had my growth scan to determine how the baby is doing. I was worried that the baby would be too big; thanks to all the times I’ve been reminded that bigger ladies have bigger babies but I was also worried about the placenta.

I know that probably sounds totally random but my placenta is anterior which means it is over the front wall of the uterus giving me an extra cushion for those baby kicks. Although it doesnt cause any problems, I have had this nagging feeling something may be wrong with it because i keep waking up on my tummy even though it really hurts! I was worried I may have torn it or something.

Anyway, as usual, no need to worry. The baby’s head spookily measured the exact amount of weeks and days pregnant I am! The legs and tummy were also completely within normal range. Placenta all good and they checked theĀ amniotic fluid levels which are also all normal. I am so proud of Snowie my basketball-hooped size baby!!




One thought on “Back of the net Snowie!

  1. Ngan says:

    Congrats on your pregnancy! I had anterior placenta too. It didn’t really cause any trouble at all except for some minor inconveniences. I didn’t feel the movement very well because of this, so the doctor was a bit worried on the labour day and put me on the monitor for a while. But it all turned out well.

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