Snuggly as a puppy would be great!

I know that mums reading this blog will laugh and say “Tired? HAH! I’ll show you tired…” but right now I am shattered!

The last few weeks I have been able to sleep through the night not really noticing Snowie kicking and moving but this week it all changed.

Wednesday evening I got a little paranoid that I hadn’t felt Snowie very often but I put it down to the reduced movements now there isn’t much room left in the old uterus and also being out and about all evening.

However, when I managed to sleep for a whole five hours straight, I got worried. I then did all the usual to try and wake the sleepy monkey up, hot drinks, sweet food, moving about and laying on my left side. Nothing worked. Until I really panicked and started to look for my midwife’s number, THEN it decided to wake up at 9.30am. Turns out it was just being lazy because it has sure made up for it since.

The party animal woke me up at 3am last night having the biggest party in my belly which went on until around 5am. I would be annoyed if I wasn’t slightly proud. It’s been years since I could party that late.

I think the baby was getting back at me for calling it a ninja baby earlier this week – a lesson to remind me how much I need those little kicks. Not feeling them for a couple of hours really scared me. All sorts of horror stories ran through my mind and I begged for a big kick in the ribs I had moaned about the day before. Sorry Snowie, if you could just let me practise sleeping for a little bit this weekend before finding other ways to remind me how grateful I am for you that’d be great. Thank you bye.


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