Forget the Jihadis, watch out for the bellies

Days like today remind me of exactly why I started this blog.

If you are obese and pregnant – DO NOT PANIC. Yes, you have a higher-risk pregnancy than someone who is a smaller weight but that DOES NOT mean you will have an awful time.

In fact, your pregnancy could be absolutely fine. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and have enjoyed a lovely pregnancy so far. Well, as lovely as being fat and pregnant can be!

Articles like this warn you not to get pregnant because you are likely to have a miscarriage, get gestational diabetes, have high blood pressure and anything else you can think of. You also may not. In fact, with 1 in 3 women overweight at the start of their pregnancy now, I have a feeling these “risks” also need to be re-assessed. Please do not fill yourself with more worry or anxiety than is natural for a pregnant woman of ANY size.


Everytime someone has given me a test to check for these risks, I have made myself sick with worry and then found out I have sailed through each one. No problems at all. In fact, the only thing that could have caused a problem is reading and believing these articles in the first place.

Also, yet again, this article relates to a study of women who put on too much weight during pregnancy and not those who are overweight to start with. Your body is your body and will tell you what it needs to be healthy. Not some Dame with a Daily Mail column.

Big women are not terrorists. Obsesity is not the biggest killer of women.

In fact, the biggest killer in the UK is alzheimer’s and dementia so why does this woman not concentrate on that and stop worrying about what her mates weigh? As the first female Chief Medical Officer, I really would have expected more from her than comparing fat women to terrorists. Clearly, she is not an exception to the rule. You can be.




2 thoughts on “Forget the Jihadis, watch out for the bellies

  1. Jen says:

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog, I’m currently 15 weeks and following every step of your journey. my pregnancy is going great so far and I’ve not had any nastiness from anyone yet….
    your blog is really helping and I love the updates.


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