It’s nice to be nice, or so I’m told

I am in rant mode but will do my very best to rein it in.

A family member of mine popped over to visit our new house yesterday which I thought would be lovely as I hadn’t seen them for a while. Turns out I was wrong.

What should have been a lovely Sunday afternoon quaffing tea and scoffing delicate French Fancies (you spend Sunday afternoons like this too, right?) turned pretty sour – pretty fast.

Upon asking questions such as “Have you got Calpol yet?” “Where’s your head thermometer?” and my favourite one “Do you know your baby will go floppy and you’ll need to rush to hospital? It is very dangerous.” I was starting to freak out slightly.

Then came the question, “How swollen are your ankles?” To which i replied; “So far so good, no worries as yet. I have had slight swelling of my fingers when I’ve been hot but that’s it.”

I was then told how I will swell up because of my size and my blood pressure is high. Trying to keep calm, I told said family member that my blood pressure is actually perfectly fine. In fact, it is better than normal for an average size, non-pregnant person my midwife tells me.

No. I will have high blood pressure and because of my size, I am going to end up in hospital which will be very difficult for them to deal with because of my size and then I’ll get very bad complications and I’ll have to have a caesarean BECAUSE OF MY SIZE!!!!


I am trying this new thing where I don’t punch people square in the face when they piss me off but this was a close call. Despite me saying I am absolutely fine and doing great and I’m doing all the things I should be. The family member just would not listen.

I have always been taught that it is nice to be nice so I just kept saying in my head “This is coming from a place of love” and that helped me keep my cool. Just about. I waited until they’d gone before having a little cry.

I cannot tell you how frustating it is when people judge you for your size rather than listen to what you are actually saying. I am super, thanks for asking.


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