Doing the waddle

Apologies for the lack of posts, I have had quite the week. No, I haven’t been attached to my F5 key for Adele tickets. What would people even do at an Adele concert anyway? Is it just a stadium of people crying and texting their ex? I’ll save my Adele screeching for the car thank you.

No, I have been very busy waddling about. I have reached the point in pregnancy when I am struggling to do the most normal of things; putting on shoes, walking/waddling too far and even just getting off the sofa in one movement! I wish I had remembered this before booking my week of birthday fun.

We had a house filled with lovely guests on Saturday which was great, went to see Jimmy Carr on Sunday who was hilarious and then headed up to Birmingham on Monday. We had a day trekking around the shopping centre which is amazing up there and then watched Mumford & Sons in the evening. Even just writing this is reminding me how tired I was by very late Monday night.

I know I have been trying to keep active but my pedometer tells me I may have taken it a little too far this week. I was due to have a day off to relax on Tuesday but I ended up doing something very exciting instead…

How annoying that I can’t tell you yet either. You’ll find out after Christmas and hopefully, you’ll stick with me after that!

I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and time with my nieces. The bump is now huge, or at least feels that way, so I’m hoping to spend much of the weekend doing nothing at all really!

I had my favourite app update today that told me the baby is now the size of a small otter. Brilliant. I thought it was getting a bit scratchy in there.



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