A Star Wars baby?

I have been commended for waiting until seven months pregnant before even setting foot inside a Mothercare and I have to say: had it not been for the fact our new house wasn’t ready – I’d have been there by month two.

This week is a very different story. Now that we have been in the house for a whole week, I am on edge. One of my friends just had her baby eight weeks early and both her and baby are doing great. I however, am not! If that happens to me, we are in no way ready. Unless all the baby needs is a pair of tiny converse, several knitted blankets and an R2D2 outfit.

TANGENT WARNING: I have received a lot of stick about said R2D2 outfit. Chris and I bought it on our first Mothercare trip last weekend along with a babygro that (hilariously) states ‘You are my Father’. As big Star Wars fans, we of course could not resist buying the themed outfits and only just stopped ourselves ordering the full Chewbacca onesie.


I have since got a lot of stick as we do not know what we are having: boy, girl or ewok. Apparently if we have a girl, she couldn’t possibly wear these outfits. I’d like to point out that if I am blessed with a daughter she will in fact become whatever she wants to (except a Jar Jar Binks fan). In fact if that means she wants to be a robot then dam girl, you go be a robot! I may have to invest in a matching blue tutu – just in case.

Anyway, tangent aside, I am in slight panic mode. My aim for this weekend is to get a hospital bag ready or at least do more than read endless blogs about what to pack into it and start actually doing it.

Please let me know if you have any tips for what to take for me, baby and dad-to-be! I see lots of complaints online that people took things they didn’t need but nothing to really tell me – hey – you NEED this. All advice welcome.


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