The results are in (X Factor pause)

After a very long night of terrible dreams (they are fun in pregnancy aren’t they?!) I had my 28 week appointment with the midwife today. I knew I would be getting the results of last week’s Glucose Tolerence Test so was suitably nervous.

I had my usual midwife again who is just so lovely and reassuring so I was pleased to see her face if it was going to be bad news. Small talk over. Results please!

If you follow my blog, you will know I am always worried about tests because I am often reminded of the dangers and risks my weight brings to having a baby. Each test has felt like a reminder of that rather than just a procedure for pregnancy.

I was so pleased I could have cried (not unusual at week 29!) when my midwife said they were all fine. I don’t have gestational diabetes and all my levels are normal. IN YOUR FACE BMI HATERS. For everyone who has told me it would happen and I’d get it, I am so sorry to dissappoint you. My tests are fine DESPITE my BMI.

Proving yet again, that the worry was for nothing. I am really pleased they gave me the test obviously but at the same time you wonder whether they should wait to see if you have symptoms for it, like someone with a normal BMI, rather than assume you need the test because of your weight.

I still believe the key to getting through this trouble-free is to keep relaxed, healthy, active and as normal as possible. Any extra anxiety and worries cannot be good. If you have a Glucose Tolerance Test coming up, don’t hit google for all the worst case scenarios. Chances are you’ll be fine it’s just good to check!

I had another chance to hear Snowie’s heartbeat too and that was all good and strong. I am measuring at 32 weeks instead of 29 but again I expected it to be higher due to my tummy hardly being flat to start with! My midwife did mention that a couple of weeks above is actually quite normal anyway so no worries there. She’s such a star for making me feel “normal” each time I see her.

Baby is head down and bum up, much like it’s mum USED to be on a Saturday night. Although by the time I’ve stood up, my barbie convertable-sized baby will be somewhere else – the little wriggler!


3 thoughts on “The results are in (X Factor pause)

  1. Kim foster says:

    Congratulations Flange! So pleased for you! I was overweight for both my pregnancies and had all the same worries and concerns. But I kept active and all was fine during my pregnancy. My complication came at labour when Chloe got stuck but I had an emergency c- section. When Eve came along we had a planned c-section. I would recommend you prepare yourself and read up for a possible ceasearan just in case because I had never contemplated it and because of that it was a big shock and took me a while afterwards to accept what had happened. But second time round It was ok. Good luck to you lovely and enjoy your pregnancy xxxx


  2. Natalie says:

    Thank you for this great blog and congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m 21 weeks pregnant and I’ll be having my baby girl in April. I’ve been hearing negative comments about my pregnancy and BMI since I had my first scan at 7 weeks, I am healthy so far but still they make me go to this unnecessary ‘consultant’ appointments just because of my weight, which is equally frustrating and embarrassing. I hope it all goes well with your little one, best of luck!


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