Eating for two

Since people found out that I am pregnant, I am often told “Oooh no dieting for you at last” “Get eating for two now!” “Lucky you, have more cake!” and you know what? It drives me mad.

Not only for the fact that I spent about ten years of my life eating for two but surely now, more than ever, is the time people should be saying “ooh more motivation to keep being healthy then!”. Isn’t it more important than ever that I eat the right foods and keep active as long as I can?

No I am not still pushing myself on the treadmill like before and sweating it out on the cross trainer but i am still swimming and walking and watching what I eat (most of the time). Thankfully, my cravings have been for spinach, homemade curry with brown rice and baked beans so nothing too bad or weird as yet. Nothing too different from my usual meal plans really.

A phrase I see alot online is “Bigger ladies have bigger babies”. This is always in my mind when someone is telling me to eat more cake. I don’t want to repeat the cycle with my little one. To be honest, I am not even sure I believe this statistic, if you can call it that, as my parents are not big and neither are my siblings. It’s choices I have made that have brought me to this size, not choices my mum made while pregnant with me. Does my partners weight come into it or was he just the donor?! He is a perfect weight, surely that counts for something too?

I was already on my weight loss journey and making better decisions and living a healthier, more active life before I fell pregnant and my baby will be born into a family that is still living by that. I have put on 15lbs during pregnancy so far which is about right, (they say between 25-35lbs for a normal BMI) I even lost 4lbs during the first trimester.

So, just because I am pregnant, it doesn’t mean you can now tell me to eat more or less in fact. How about you just talk to me like a normal human about the weather and how crap your husband is in bed and leave my weight out of it.


One thought on “Eating for two

  1. Tawns says:

    I think you probably take too much to heart dearest; comments like that are ‘tradition’ for pregnant ladies-not worrying about holding your tummy in and ‘eating for two’ are just common phrases people say-if anything I reckon people are saying that to avoid any offense regarding weight issues and therefore wanting to treat to you like a ‘normal human’ by indeed ‘leaving your weight out of it’

    You’re doing a brilliant job and providing a wonderful home for your little lamb; be proud! Also the weather is boring!

    Endless love. xx


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