Because you’re high risk…

Throughout my pregnancy, “because you have a high BMI you have too…” is pretty much all I have heard from everyone. This week has been no different.

Despite being 28 weeks pregnant now and officially in the third trimester (woo hoo!) I have sailed through all of my tests but still have to have more. Surely, if everything is fine, you shouldn’t have to keep taking tests just because of your BMI? My midwife tells me I am very boring which is apparenty a good thing in her world as trouble-free pregnancies are rare. Yet, I still have to have every test imaginable “because you’re high risk…”

I do not want to sound ungrateful to our wonderful NHS and I would much rather they found a problem if there was one, sooner rather than later BUT you have to ask if they are all really necessary?

Yesterday, I had to have a glucose test which will check if I have caught gestational diabetes. It wasn’t great for someone who hates blood tests and you can’t eat or drink water from 9pm the night before the test. I had my first test at 7.30am, then was asked to drink a horrible glucose drink then go home and relax for another few hours before a final blood test. I wolfed down a  banana and some water as soon as the final blood was drawn. (Sounds very Game of Thrones – “blood will be drawn!”)

Thankfully, I felt ok, didn’t faint or puke and headed off to work. I am hoping this means I’ll be ok and the tests will be negative but I now face a worrying week waiting for the results. It is something that can be managed but I am so determined to prove to people that just because my BMI is high, doesnt mean my body will fail. I have passed all my tests with flying colours (for the first time in my life!) and I really want that to continue.

Fingers crossed for next Wednesday…


One thought on “Because you’re high risk…

  1. csinalaska says:

    I was high-risk when pregnant with my daughter, plus size myself and on top of that, I was in Germany at the time. But the doctors never mentioned anything about my weight, only concerned because I had spotting on and off through the first and second trimester. Around 36 weeks my blood pressure started to go up and they were trying to keep it under control with meds. By 39 weeks meds weren’t doing the trick anymore so they induced me. I had a pretty positive pregnancy and was lucky to have my OB/GYN team supportive and they said nothing about my weight.

    I remember the glucose test, it was awful and I learned something from the German doctor – the chances that you get diabetes later on life (as a woman) will be much less if you don’t get gestational diabetes. She told me about the study and when I was in normal range, she told me that I had a very low risk of getting diabetes later on in my older years, it was comforting.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! At times I miss being pregnant, that’s when I felt the most beautiful in my life, and not ashamed of my belly 🙂


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