Move house! Are you mad?

We bought our first home yesterday. They say the top most stressful, life-changing events are having a baby and moving house. I am not one to do anything by halves so why not get them both done at the same time?!

It was actually a total concidence. We decided to go for it and try and buy a house back in April and just after we paid our reservation deposit on our new-build home – we found out I was pregnant. The house would be ready in February – as would the baby. The bank balance was not prepared for both!

Panic stations a go-go. I have been very fortunate that my partner, Chris, has handled all of the paperwork and back and forth with the developers and solicitors as well as working pretty much 7 days and 2 long nights djing every week. He’s made sure I haven’t really been aware of any problems until after they are fixed so I haven’t really been too affected. The house is ready three months early and we completed and moved in this week. I can’t believe it. Our very own home.

I was banished to work for the day and all my brothers clubbed together to help my partner move us in. I know – I have to pinch myself, i’m so lucky!

Plus I got to unpack some of the lovely things my sister and bestie have donated as the baby now has a nursery. I can officially start preparing for our little one moving house too! Now, if the baby could just sleep as well as Obi in the new house, that’d be great!




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