Bonding and bumping

I mentioned yesterday that I am feeling the baby kick and move around now and it is the strangest thing. I’m sill not sure if I enjoy it and if it’s a particulary sharp one – it still makes me jump!

I really wish my partner, Chris, could enjoy this too. It has become very real for me that I am about to become a mum and feeling the baby just reinforces that each day and it would be great to share that with him.

My best friend’s husband felt their baby kick from 22 weeks so I’m now getting annoyed that Chris hasn’t felt it properly yet. He has felt a few ripples but not a real kick despite me being 25 weeks now.

I looked it up and this is what is suggested for when your partner will start feeling kicks:

Most women can first share their baby’s movements with their partner between weeks 20 and 24 of pregnancy, which is partway through the second trimester. But it could take longer, especially for women who are plus-size or have an anterior placenta (placenta on the front of the uterus) that cushions the kicking.

And what do I have? Both of those things! Looks like I am just going to have to hold out a little longer. Nothing stopping us bonding over the bump in the meantime though. As you can see from the picture, our little Obi certainly likes cuddling with the baby bump! The baby always kicks when Obi lays across my belly, I think it likes the warmth.


3 thoughts on “Bonding and bumping

  1. DoodleMum says:

    Hey my sons 9 weeks old now amd at 26 weeks my partner truly felt a big kick…dont worry… There will be a time that your belly will be moving into shapes and looking like a scene from alien šŸ‘½ (heehee) that you both will enjoy looking at and feeling xx


      • DoodleMum says:

        šŸ˜€ my pleasure…
        I remember all the thoughts going through my mind…. Both pregnancies were different but both towards the end had big stomach moving motions xx


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