Baby Kicks

Last week, the midwife asked me if I am feeling the baby move, as I should be every day now. I have become an obsessed woman.

The midwive didn’t say how many times I should feel it but that I should start to notice a pattern. Therefore, I am constantly waiting for the next kick.

I have downloaded an app to monitor the kicks and am checking for patterns religiously. I then start totally freaking out when I feel like it hasn’t kicked for a while.

I’ll then check on the app when the last time I felt movement was and it’ll usually be only ten minutes earlier! My mind is playing tricks. Tell me this is normal? I find myself just thinking about their little legs stretching out and arms reaching to see what’s going on and panic if it hasn’t happened for an hour.

Friends have said that most babies are sleepy during the day as your body moves and rocks it to sleep – CUTE! Mine however, seems to be very active during the day and I don’t notice it at night. I have read that babies can keep the same sleeping pattern when they are on the outside world. If that is the case, I am more than happy for it to sleep all night and be active all day!

I wish.


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