How about you talk to me like a normal person?

Yesterday was the scary consultation appointment and I am not going to lie, everyone was right. The consultant wasn’t great. People had said she looks like a little witch so when i spotted her in the corridor – I knew it was her.

I think perhaps she has been doing this for a very long time and is fed up of saying the same thing to people. She launched into a speech about why I had to see her, (high BMI) why it’s dangerous (high BMI) and why I have to have the baby at St Michaels (high BMI). Then she said “any questions?” I thought, you havent actually told me anything yet!

She kept using all the technical abbrevations as well and I very nearly reminded her that I haven’t actually had a miserable 50 year career in medicine like herself so could she kindly speak to me like a bloody human but I resisted and made a note of the jargon and saved the ranting for here. She was very rude when she listened to the heartbeat as well, asking me to “push my belly out the way because the baby will obviously be difficult to find.” No one has asked me to do that before and I have had lots of appointments and scans now. She made me feel disgusting.

Good old Snowie though, played ball and wasn’t difficult to find at all. The heartbeat came loud and strong straight away, so screw you witch lady.

I then had a meeting with the anaethestic nurse who was actually really nice and helpful. He asked me what I wanted in my birth plan which was the first time someone seemed to ask me what I wanted, rather than tell me what would happen. I told him I wanted a natural birth with gas and air if i can and he didn’t see any reason why that shouldn’t happen. He did tell me that i am 50% more likely to have a c section or foreseeps which scared me so I asked him what the % was for a normal BMI and he said 35%. So really, he should be saying I have 15% more chance! I would have been far less scared.

I am getting so fed up of everyone assuming my pregnancy will be an awful one because of some numbers on a chart. Yet again, my blood pressure was all fine, 120/80 and my iron levels were 135, apparently 105 is considered good so i’m bloody excellent. Baby’s heartbeat is good and strong and I am feeling fine. Baby and I are doing great and I hope to keep proving them wrong.


3 thoughts on “How about you talk to me like a normal person?

  1. Nan says:

    Ange, you should take issue with the witch doctor, that is simply not good enough.mi hope this blog is helping you because it seems cathartic and you have so much love and support around you, sod the impersonal doctors who call the,selves professionals. Imagine if a teacher spoke to a child like that…. They would be disciplined immediately. Sending you daily hugs. Xxx


    • angelamcassidy says:

      Thank you. I just like to write and hopefully help other people in the same situation.
      I’ve had lots of messages from people who’ve felt the same and find my blog helpful so that’s all it’s about for me.
      The witch doctor is apparently like it with everyone and well-known for being rude so little point complaining. No need for the drama – I’ll just rant here haha. Xx


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