I am officially halfway through the pregnancy journey and it is getting very real.

Last week I had my 20 week scan and was suitably anxious as is the norm. Two members of my family have very recently not made it to this point and I have been filled with a great sadness and guilt. I know that you will say the usual ‘It’s ok – you shoudn’t feel that way’ but you just cant help it. So, I went into my scan full of fear.

I feel so lucky that everything was ok. It really makes you realise how precious this little gift really is.

The little one would not stop wriggling which the sonographer found very funny but also made her job really difficult, I have to go back again. She assured me everything was ok and there is nothing to worry about, she would just like to see me again. Everytime she managed to get a part of the baby on the screen to check; stomach, kidneys etc – it’s so clever, the baby would move again so she didn’t quiet get a good view of all of the heart.

To catch you up, all is going well so far. (Touches wood!) I have been enjoying the second trimester now the sickness has passed although it has been replaced with indigestion. The main problem I have had has been my teeth. I didn’t even know preganncy could affect your teeth and gums but they move during pregnancy and 50% of women have problems. Lucky me!

It has so far resulted in having a tooth extracted after they found an abysess underneath (OUCHIE!!) and I have been told I need to have four fillings. My first ever tooth problems at the grand old age of 31. Toothache without pain relief is the worst thing I have ever experienced – bring on childbirth!

It is sorted now though and I am feeling better and concentrating on me. Now that I am five months pregnant, I have noticed I can’t do as much as normal. I feel completely drained when standing and baking for 12 hours which before was no worries. Therefore, I have cut down on all other jobs and concentrating on my PR role and pjs and rest when I get home. It’s working well so far.

Despite the fears of being plus size and pregnant – me and my growing human are doing great. Long may it continue…


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