The fun part?

Today, at 14 weeks pregnant, (that still sounds strange!) I am officially in the second trimester. The point at which all my friends tell me things will get better. The baby is now the size of a lemon and I cannot wait to feed him a slice for the first time (see featured image!).

The sickness does seem to be less the last few days and I have switched to decaf tea which seems to have stopped my headaches for now. I am just still so tired! Like all the time. Saturday afternoon I sat on the bed to fold some washing and woke up two hours later. Not the best way to spend the day although I am being told to rest more.

In light of that, I have cut down my workload. As you may know, by day I work for Plum Communications & PR, by night I worked for Triple Hits Radio and on the side I run a cake business, The Cake Compendium. Basically, for the last two years, I have been working from 8.30am – 11pm on days when I am making cakes. On days without cakes, I finish around 8pm. Then have tea and try and relax which of course doesn’t happen as I’m then thinking about the next day’s prep!

So, I have taken the big decision to pass some of my cake orders to a fellow, brilliant, baker and I have resigned from my radio show. A big step after 8 years on air but one I have to make to become a normal 9-5er. I will, of course, hugely miss the money but me being relaxed is now the main focus. Come at me phase 2!


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