The announcement

We have given in to peer pressure and made the official “I’m growing a human” announcement on Facebook as you can see above.

And, do you know what? I am so glad we did. We took the picture in our kitchen and got our eldest baby to take part. He was a surprisingly well-behaved model thanks to his favourite treats.

I did the compulsary friends cull beforehand as I had a lot of “friends” on their that I had added during my radio career such as listeners and clients and a lot of people I haven’t spoken to in years, so bye bye. I managed to get from 1,256 friends to 546 and I can’t begin to tell you how good it felt!

This, for me, is just the sort of thing that Facebook is great for. A lot of our family and friends are spread out across the UK and parts of the Globe a far-a-field as MyanMar, where my brother is now teaching – the crazy bugger! So we made sure those close to us knew beforehand but they were all so chuffed to see pictures and the outpour of love from our friends has really surprised me. Why do people care that much? “Isn’t the World over-populated enough” is what they should really be saying or “oh god no not a miniature you!”

But no, just lots of love and best wishes – What a lucky baby this will be!


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