D-Day or rather S-Day!

The day I had been dreading arrived… the scan.

I have spent the last two days in utter panic-mode. Hoping my boyfriend won’t leave me when he realises he can’t even see his child for the first time and is met with an empty screen of fat cells.

I arrived at the hospital with a very full bladder and ready to leave immediately. How cruel is that by the way? I need to pee every 20 minutes right now and they tell you to drink two pints of water and dont pee for an hour, ouchie!

I sat in the waiting room surrounded by toilets, water coolers and pictures of babies swimming. None of which helps with the peeing situation. It also doesnt help that there only seems to be one sonographer in the whole hospital and about five people waiting to go in. Luckily, we only had to wait around 20 minutes but those extra 20 minutes in desperate need of a pee and on the verge of a panic attack was not fun.

Anyway, I went through and my lovely midwive from the doctors surgery was there to make sure I was ok. How cute, love her again! I was ready to be pushed around on the bed in all sorts of directions so they could try and see anything and waiting for how painful that would be, when the sonographer gave me the “we may not see anything becuase of your BMI” speech.

Chris grabbed my hand and told me it was all ok while the lady covered me in cold gel. No sooner had she finished the speech and I was giving in to the fact we may not see anything, when as soon as she popped the thingy (techinal term) on my tummy, the baby popped up!! We saw it straight away! TEARS.

The picture was so clear the lady was chuffed and showed us everything and checked all was fine. We cried so much, I just couldn’t believe it was real and we could see it wriggling around on the screen.

We paid for our pictures and I could have hugged the woman -she was so lovely with me. I think she knew i was scared. Oh and they didnt change our due date of 3rd February, the baby is 6.5cm at 12 weeks 3 days.

So, another appointment and another lesson learnt. Stop googling things! The amount of horror stories I had read about scans for mums-to-be that were overweight stuck in my mind far too much and could not have been further from the care, patience and understanding that I recieved. Plus, we had no problems at all seeing the baby.

I so hope this blog will help other plus size, pregnant women to overcome their fears and accept that although your body may be larger than others, you can still have a normal, happy, healthy pregnancy.

Here’s to the next trimester, 2 weeks time!


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