“You know nothin’ Jon Snow”

Family keep asking me about names of the baby. It makes me confused because it is so early in the day, I am just hoping to make it to my next weekly milestone let alone thinking ahead to the birth certificate.

When I reply that I haven’t thought that far ahead, they refer to ‘it’ as a peanut or a bean or some other such stupid reference. It is currently the size of a lime so why they insist on trying to make it feel even smaller I do not know. It’s probably a girl and experiencing it’s first sexist rule of being inferior to the other gender.

I will let you in on a little secret though. We do call it something.

We call him/her Snowie. Now, I am reluctant to tell people this and if you watch Game of Thrones you may understand the reference without me having to utter those words my mother hates to hear. If you aren’t a fan, bascially, the kid’s a bastard. If you are a bastard on Game of Thrones you are given the surname Snow. As an unmarried woman of the world up the duff, my fetus falls into this category!

Yes, the miniscule cells populating together in my uterus are already being subjected and refered to as a pop culture reference. Hopefully, with less gore.


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