Midwive Madness

So I had my 12 week appointment with the midwive this morning. I was full of fear of what my blood test results would say, too much sugar, not enough iron, some awful disease? Everything was running through my head.

I tried not to break down in tears on arrival this time and plastered on my ‘I don’t have a care in the World’ smile.

First up was the results. Turns out my blood group is A positive so nice and common and no funny tricks there. And guess what? Yet again after three weeks of worrying all of my blood tests were fine. Good levels of iron and everything is going swimingly. She surprised a carbon monoxide test on me too, just in case I’d lied about being a smoker?! That showed good too.

We then went through the Medway computer system which is what they use to link up with all the hospitals so they share your information. Kate, my midwive, said I was actually very boring because my medical history is fine and my results were good so I’m too easy. (Not the first time I’ve heard that!)

The moment I’d been dreading yet again arrived and I had to be weighed on the special for elephants only scales. I’d actually lost 2lbs since my first appointment. Let’s hope that carries on haha. No chance I hear you say!

I was so pleased it had all gone well, I thought I’d let Kate know how anxious I was about my scan. Will they be able to see anything? Will they made me get rid of the baby? Will they be disgusted by me?

She was lovely and told me not to feel scared but that yes, they may have difficulty with anyone with a high BMI. This didn’t make me feel less anxious, inf act I felt worse knmowing my fears may actually be real. She tried to make me feel at ease though by sharing a story about how the sonographer found it difficult even on small people sometimes. It all depends on the baby but no, they may not be able to see and I may need to go back later. I’ll keep worrying until Friday then!

Just as I was about to leave Kate asked to take my blood pressure as I’ve been complaining of headaches. She has to use an automatic machine and it read as 140/120 which is dangerously high. HAPPY APPOINTMENT OVER! Panic mode engaged.

I was sent straight over to the hospital as headaches and high blood pressure could be pre-eclampsia. It was so scary going to the maternity ward and seeing all the little incubators and babies there. A lovely nurse sat me in a nice room and fetched me some water and just talked to me for a while before taking my blood pressure again.

It was done manually this time and read 120/70. A perfect reading for a normal range person let alone a pregnant overweight one!

It was a bit of wake up call for me though. I realised how scared I would be if anything did happen to the baby. I really want this child. All results are good now, I need to relax and get through the scan.


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