Week 11

(The image above is the only sleepy-related picture I have so bear with me. His name is Obi and he’s our biggest baby!)

9.30pm is my new bed time. Someone asked me to go for a drink at 8.30pm and I thought they were insane. Like, really crazy. What would be the point in going out for half an hour?

This is not me. Who is this tired, teary person? My friends keep telling me I will have loads of energy in the second trimester so I’m counting the days until then.

It’s a week today until my 12 week scan and I’m really scared. Once again, I have been googling and reading Forum posts from other plus sized, pregnant ladies and all seem to be filled with more horror stories.

A lot of people are saying the sonographers are quite rude and often can’t get a picture of the baby. Some have had to have something called a trans vaginal scan which is already an absolute no from me, thank you sir. Isn’t that what got me into this mess in the first place?

So, thanks to this I am dreading Friday. It will be so embarrassing if they can’t see anything and it makes me think that my boyfriend will be so embarrassed of me. He says of course he wouldn’t but what if my fat belly denies him the first chance to see his baby?

What if they can’t check if the baby is ok and growing properly? I am so full of questions and worries. I have a midwive appointment a couple of days before my scan so I’m hoping she will put my mind at rest.

Have you had any ultrasound worries or problems at your scan? Comment below.


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