Week 10

When will this sickness stop?!

Have you been pregnant before? Please tell me the nausea stops at 12 weeks like the books all say? I seem to have all day and night sickness rather than a quick morning puke which I feel would be so much more efficent.

Anyway, it is week 10 and I am feeling very pregnant. Cravings have started now and the fun part of discovering I can no longer eat my favourite foods is already frustating. Why is my body craving Camembert when it knows I’m not allowed. Naughty.

My midwive told me a story about a woman craving ash from cigarettes so I’m perhaps grateful I just want spinach, broccoli and curry. Anything sweet makes me feel very sick which is particulary fun as I have a cake business!

I had to tell my mum and brother about my pregnancy early on. My mum tried to forcefeed me chorizo, brie and palma ham and thought me very ungrateful for refusing the lovely lunch she’d prepared, it was only fair I told her why. This week though, we decided to tell our close family members and friends. It’s so fun coming up with ways to tell them and watching their surprise.

My dad already knew! Honestly. He’d written it on a piece of paper and when I popped in to tell him, he retrieved it. So strange. (My parents are divorced by the way so there was no chance my mum had told him!)

We came up with an idea to tell my boyfriend’s family on Fathers Day as the whole family would be together. I bought a picture frame and my boyfriend designed a card for inside that just said ‘Photo Coming 03.02.16’.

It was so funny watching them stare and wonder why we didn’t just put a picture in now. His sister was first to click and lots of hugs and tears were had. I found so many fun announcements and look forward to creating one for when we go public!

It is becoming very real now. 2 weeks till the scan!


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