New World of Wonder

This past year has been rather eventful to say the least.

I am the writer behind Fat Bridesmaid Be Gone which was a blog about the fears of becoming a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding. The image above is me at said wedding, after losing three dress sizes.

The blog followed my journey from my friend asking me, through to the crazy Palma hen party and the beautiful wedding day. I’d gained quite a few followers while losing the pounds and enjoyed reading their comments. Then they noticed I suddenly stopped posting.

I was sent several messages and comments were posted asking where I’d disappeared too and it was lovely to see so many people had enjoyed following my journey and gained inspiration from my posts but I just couldn’t continue that blog.

And now I can tell you the reason why…

I fell pregnant. Right after the wedding. This crazy thing called life decided to throw me a new journey to travel just as I thought life was going to calm down and I could happily post about my weight loss and new wardrobe! Oh dear…

This blog will now follow the new adventure of being plus size, pregnant and quite frankly, petrified. You can read the About Me page to find out more.

I hope you’ll join me as I cautiously tip-toe my way towards Parentsville.


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